The cooler months have people spending more time inside at home with plenty of time up their sleeves to get creative and tackle some projects around the house.

There are plenty of easy projects you can do to transform your home that don’t involve repaving your patio or learning to drywall. Which is why we have compiled a list of all the ways you can get your DIY on in Darch this weekend. 


This simple project is a fun way to add more greenery and life to your space.

You Will Need:

  • 3mm Natural Cotton Macrame Cord
  • 15cm Gold Metal Ring (or whatever size you like)
  • Pot with Tray
  • Scissors
  • Potting mix

Check out how to make these here:


Want to give your walls a little make over? Give this picture ledge a try and create the perfect space to display your memories. 

This project from Bunnings is just what your new Kinmore Green needs:


This is the perfect way to bring some colour into your home besides your typical vase of fresh flowers that doesn’t last forever. Succulents not only make a great centre piece, but they are easy to maintain, easy to grow and long lasting.

You Will Need:

Footed cake stand

– Florist’s moss

– 10cm cube florist’s foam

– Selection of roses and succulents

– Heavy-gauge wire

Check out how to make one for yourself here:

We would love to hear what DIY projects you have tried and see you try out a few of ours too! Make sure you tag us in your photos and show us what you can create in your new Kinmore Green home!

For more information or to view Kinmore Green for yourself, please feel free to contact either Debra or Lee, they would love to chat to you.

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