Christmas spirit is in the air, the shelves are being filled with sparkly decorations, events are being planned and it’s that time of year when it’s time to start decorating the home. 

Inspired by some DIY crafts online or maybe a viral TikTok you’ve seen, we’ve come up with some fun and easy ways to add some festive cheer in your life. And even better, the kids can get involved too. 

From the front door to the backyard, keep these five ideas in mind when you have some spare time over the weekend or you’re looking for an afterschool activity. 

Mason Jar Lid Wreaths

Do you have some old jars in the back of the cupboard? Put them to good use and make some gorgeous wreaths, which will give a special touch to your tree or a little something extra on your gift to teachers or friends and family. Play around with some string and ribbon to create a colour combination or to match your theme for the year. Easy, effective and something the kids can do. Big tick!

Stamped Bags

This one is perfect for the kids to make but the adults to use. For those last minute Christmas presents you need to pull together or something to pop your baked goods into, bottles or pressies in a homemade bag. It’s a great chance to personalise your gift bag, and is a little more interesting than the ones off the shelf. Play around with different stamp colours and shapes, as well as coloured string. Pump a bunch of these out in an afternoon and they’ll come in handy all season. 

Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees

Ideal for a weekend activity, bring out the paint, glitter and glue and create your very own ornaments to add to your tree. Use these designs as some inspiration but let your little ones express their own creativity. They can also be tied to a present as a cute gift tag or a tree decoration which you’ll love for years to come. This tutorial will show you how to bring these to life.

Santa Slime

To keep the kids occupied in the run-up to Christmas, it can be a challenge to keep excitement levels under control. Between Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, cooking and general day-to-day life, why not give your little ones some seasonal slime? They’ll be kept busy for a little while at least while you can get on with your to-do list. You can follow the tutorial here using pantry staples:

Christmas baking

Spend time in your shiny new kitchen and bring these recipes to life. This is a wonderful time of year to experiment and inspire young kids to learn the basic skills of recipe following, measuring and maths. It’s also very rewarding when you can enjoy your creation with guests or as a gift. With some extra time with school holidays, start planning your activities with these recipes.

Bring some festivity to your Kinmore Green home with these ideas! What do you love doing this time of year with your friends and family?

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