Often the inside of our home gets most of the attention, when the backyard really is just as important. Here in Perth, we are blessed with some amazing weather all year round, which means long afternoons of playing, socialising and making memories with your family outside. 


When it comes to designing your Kinmore Green home, these are some things which can be incorporated into your outdoor area so the kids are happy, you have your own space and the pup can run around too. Happy house!


Social place

There’s nothing quite like spending time outdoors. From dinner with the family to entertaining neighbours and friends, having a social space is a key element in your backyard design. Think of an area which can be a dedicated place to sit, eat, drink and talk to your heart’s content. Add a BBQ in the corner and you won’t have to go indoors for a while! 

Play area 

With the adults covered, it’s time to have the little ones involved. With screen free time a constant thought for parents, this is a great opportunity to entice them to come and play outside. Consider allocating a section of the yard, whether it be for a sandpit, a cubby house or swing set, specifically as the ‘kids area’. Keep in mind not only the age of your children but also the size of their equipment to ensure it’s balanced and to scale with the other elements of your yard. This will ensure your space doesn’t feel totally overwhelmed with kids’ toys!

Don’t forget your four-legged friend 

If you’ve rented for a while or this is your first home, you may have been holding off on adding a furry member to your family. Whether it’s a dog or a rabbit, consider how much space you will need to dedicate to them, this may mean incorporating space for a hutch or a grassy area for your pooch to run around in. 

Add some ambiance  

With the main areas planned out, it’s time to consider your planting and the addition of some decorations. Considering the right plants for our sandy soils and the orientation of your block will ensure the ideal outcome for a sunny winter garden and a shady cool summer escape – the perfect space to live in all year round. Adding a string of fairy lights could be just the trick for utilising the space on summer and spring evenings, while some large pots can match your interior styling theme. You may look into groovy storage solutions for the kids’ toys, or a special BBQ box for when summer hits, keeping it sleek and functional. There are so many options out there to suit all budgets and personal styles…time to ‘add to cart’! 

Vegetable garden 

An activity the whole family can get involved in, adding a vegetable garden into your outdoor plans is something everyone can enjoy and with the rising cost of fresh produce is a great way to keep the weekly budget in check. From selecting your favourite herbs and vegetables, to planting and watering, watching them flourish is rewarding and particularly satisfying. Not to mention being rewarded with fresh salad leaves or basil to add onto your home-made pizza! 

When you choose Kinmore Green, you can bring all of your dream outdoor designs to life. To view our current lots available, click here: https://www.kinmoregreen.com.au/