As we settle into the new year and slowly get back into routine, there’s no better time to imagine your new morning routine.

Located in the well-established suburb of Darch, Kinmore Green is surrounded by a variety of amenities only minutes away, making it an ideal location to establish a tailored morning routine based on your preferences.


The active start
For those who thrive on an active lifestyle and prefer to start their day with exercise, Kinmore Green’s location enjoys four surrounding parks, including its own community oval – ideal for a quick morning walk or run if you’re short on time.
If you’re looking for more of a personalised training program or group fitness class, there’s the Kingsway Indoor Stadium as well as numerous local gyms including Goodlife, Plus Fitness, Innerbloom CrossFit or Create Yourself Gym.

There are many advantages to kick starting your day with exercise, including increased energy and focus, and making a head start on your daily commitments. Integrating exercise into your morning routine becomes effortlessly achievable when living at Kinmore Green.



The relaxing start
Kinmore Green’s tranquil surroundings provide the perfect setting for those who enjoy a calm and leisurely start to their day. Discover the benefits of slow mornings as the foundation for productivity and reclaiming a little ‘you’ time.

Cultivate moments of mindfulness within your own home with a cosy reading nook, or try one of the local health and wellness practices like your local yoga studio – Sri Sri Yoga, or Darch Physio and Citrine Beauty and Day Spa, located in Darch Plaza.



The social start
Perhaps you prefer a morning routine that supports your desire for social interaction and engaging with your local community? Consider creating your own walking club, a book club or monthly coffee meet-ups to discover new spots in your new community.

With local community spaces such as the Wanneroo Library and Cultural Centre, Darch Plaza and Landsdale Forum, Kinmore Green is surrounded by great options for building a supportive environment and establishing new connections in your neighbourhood.



Whether you like to start your mornings actively, relaxingly or socially, Kinmore Green provides the ideal base for all morning routines.


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