Your future Kinmore Green home is a blank canvas, ready for your creative touch. Whether you’ve already started planning your interior decor, or are in need of some inspiration to kickstart the process, we’ve pulled together a few easy suggestions aimed at transforming your new space into a reflection of your unique style.


There are many benefits to introducing a mirror into the room, with the right placement they can create the illusion of space and open up your rooms, not to mention brightening up a space as they ‘bounce’ light around the room – place them near the window to reflect the outdoor light in.
Consider simple design ideas like grouping small mirrors together, or installing a tall mirror fixed to the wall to elongate the space. For a laid-back vibe, lean a large mirror against the wall, adding depth and casual elegance, and don’t be afraid to choose abstract shaped mirrors either, as they bring a sense of character to the room.



This is where you can really reflect your unique style with key decorative pieces.
Have a bit of fun by mixing and matching the finishing touches with candles, vases, or throw rugs and pillows. Add pops of colour to your walls with vibrant artwork or cherished family photos, or bring some natural beauty indoors by adding plants that also encourage a calm atmosphere.

Explore stores like Willow Tree Collective and Thingz at Kingsway City Shopping Centre, conveniently located a short 6-minute drive from Kinmore Green. If you want even more variety, Hillarys Boat Harbour and Westfield Whitford City are both just a 20-minute drive away from Kinmore Green.


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Floor Rugs.
Enhance the comfort level of your home by incorporating floor rugs.
Start with the living room, where a larger sized rug can clearly define the space and seating arrangement. The choice of rug depends entirely on your personal taste, whether that’s a plush, textured rug for added warmth and cosiness, or a stylish option that adds a visual appeal, just ensure it’s large enough to sit under your seating so the space feels connected.

Once you’ve established the living room, consider defining spaces in other areas of your home; a hall runner on hard floors can help to absorb noise as well as feeling warm and welcoming, or placing a rug underneath your desk and office chair can help to define the work area.


Image credit: Homes To Love.


Take your time and enjoy the process of creating a space that feels like home and is a true reflection of you.


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