Cooking in your new Kinmore Green kitchen is an exciting time. As the heart of your new home, it should strike the perfect balance between functionality and vibrancy.
Whether you’re in need of basic organisational tips, meal prep ideas, or basic cleaning routines to keep your kitchen running smoothly, we’ve curated a few suggestions for your journey ahead.


Organising your kitchen
Maximise your kitchen layout with these organisational tips and tricks.
Utilise a selection of drawer organisers to neatly separate utensils and small gadgets, then, extend this system to your cabinets with stackable or raised shelves to eliminate any wasted space at the top.
Other simple ideas include labelling containers, jars, or pantry items for quick and easy identification. Consider establishing designated ‘zones’ in your cupboards for specific items, such as baking supplies or stovetop essentials. Just don’t forget to place these zones strategically near the oven and stove top so they’re convenient to access when cooking up a storm.



Meal prep
Save yourself the hassle of cooking each night, and dedicate a single day each week to meal prepping for the upcoming week.
You can grab all your ingredients from your local supermarkets at Kingsway Shopping Centre. You’ll just need plenty of food storage containers, which you can also get from Woolworths, or Big W, both located in the same shopping complex.
Feel inspired with these delicious recipe ideas.



Let’s be honest, cleaning up after cooking is the least enjoyable part of the process.
So make it easier for yourself and opt for one-pot meals where you can, and reduce the amount of dishes you’ll need to wash afterwards. We recommend investing in a good quality Dutch Oven that will last you years, which you can purchase from House in Westfield Whitford City.
You don’t need an extensive array of cleaning products either. A few reliable microfibre cloths from Bunnings in Wangara, and a quality spray-and wipe-product should do to begin.
Alternatively, you can’t go wrong with the classic vinegar and water mixture, both a natural and effective cleaning solution.



Look forward to creating delicious meals in your new Kinmore Green kitchen. With these simple, yet functional ideas, your kitchen will become your new haven, waiting to be filled with those memorable moments in the heart of your home.

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